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Timberland for Individuals & Families

Distinctive Capabilities for Managing Timberland

Our experienced team of professionals can provide a broad range of investment management services for timberland.

Our Approach

Bank of America Private Bank provides professional forestry and land management as well as investment management services for timberland investments. Our services range from acquisition due diligence, investment return management, and potentially managing the land as a recreational destination.

While timber values and growth rates fluctuate, timber may offer the opportunity for long-term appreciation uncorrelated with other assets and markets. Our experienced timberland professionals can develop a plan customized to help meet your goals.


Inventory and Asset Analysis

Providing sophisticated tools to help in the management of your timberland investment.

Alternative Sources of Income

Explore the potential for additional income from recreational leasing.

Advanced Silviculture

Our timberland professionals employ many of the latest techniques on cultivating and growing trees.


Land Enhancement, Conservation and Environmental Management

Prudent management can help enhance the value of your timberland over time, while seeking to preserve a sustainable forest for years to come.

Acquisition and Disposition

When you decide to invest in timberland, we can help manage the transaction from the due diligence process to completion.

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