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Investing in one of our most valuable assets

How farms and timberland can help you add balance to your portfolio

When considering a long-term investment strategy, you have an opportunity to design a portfolio aligned to your interests and values. Real assets, like farm and timberland, can be powerful tools to help build wealth with personal significance, while also rounding out your financial plan.

Not only can real assets offer portfolio diversification, but they may also generate income you can use today, and have the potential to increase in value over time. A team of experienced Specialty Asset Management professionals1, based in key locations across the country, offer first-hand knowledge of local properties. Along with your Private Bank team, they can help you evaluate whether farm and timberland investments could complement the assets you already own, and determine a custom strategy that fits your goals.

Together, we’ll look at the big picture, and help you consider ways to purchase or maximize the potential of your property, including leaving a legacy for future generations.

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