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Oil, Gas & Mineral Interests for Individuals & Families

Distinctive Capabilities for Managing Oil, Gas and Mineral Interests

A dedicated team of industry-trained professionals1 can provide a broad range of investment management services for oil, gas and mineral interests.

Our Approach

Specialty Asset Management1 delivers a wide range of strategic and tactical services including day-to-day management, sale, leasing, development of oil, gas and mineral interests and accounting services using a sophisticated oil and gas management and accounting system.


Customized Property Management

The team's1 property management services include negotiating leases, reviewing and paying appropriate joint interest billings and property taxes.

Petroleum Engineering Support

Deep experience enables the team to assist in evaluations, review new well and development proposals, analyze production forecasts and more.

Oil and Gas Accounting

The team can help with timely, accurate reporting of revenue and expenses, 1099 reporting, filing and mailing and other accounting services.

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