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Farm & Ranchland for Individuals & Families

Distinctive Capabilities for Managing Farm and Ranchland

An experienced team of professionals1 can provide a broad range of investment management services for farm and ranchland.

Our Approach

For many wealthy individuals and families, farm and ranch holdings and investments can be attractive sources of potential income, diversification and appreciation. You have access to a team of Specialty Asset Management professionals1 with advanced training and extensive experience in this highly specialized field.

Many of members of the team1 live and work in farming and ranching communities. They understand the details and complexities of managing and seeking to enhance the value of farms and ranches. They can help with buying or selling properties, finding qualified farmers and ranchers to lease and work them, analyzing market conditions and handling rent collection and other tasks.


Professional Land Management

Specialists1 can manage​ your farm, including finding qualified farmers to help preserve and enhance the value of your land, many of whom use sustainable practices.

Acquisition and Disposition Services

When you decide to buy or sell, the team can manage the transaction from the due diligence process to completion. 

Lease and Land Use Oversight

Leave the regular details of ownership to us — from collecting rent to paying taxes and insurance premiums. 

Conservation Programs

Develop a plan to help protect the environment and seek to improve your farm’s operational efficiency through soil, water and wildlife conservation.

Performance Reviews

Detailed annual reviews assess the performance of your assets and lessees, as well as market conditions. 

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