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Art Services

Solutions for Individuals and Institutions

At Bank of America Private Bank, we offer an extensive suite of art services capabilities. We provide customized solutions for collectors and institutions that help navigate the complex art world. For individuals, we lend against collections to unlock capital, design estate plan options specific to art, and help collectors prepare for a sale via consignment services. For institutions, we provide nonprofit advisory services, including institutional investment management by a fully outsourced Chief Investment Office. Our range of capabilities helps us deliver a broad combination of services to our clients.

Bank of America's long standing commitment to the arts helps us make an important connection to the communities we serve. That's why we're proud to support Masterpiece Moment—a video series that celebrates great works of art. Please join us throughout the year as we examine a varied array of masterpieces from museum collections across the globe.  To learn more, visit

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Art Lending

Leverage your collection to unlock capital.

Your art collection is a considerable financial asset that can lend flexibility to your overall wealth management strategy. Borrowing against the value of your art collection may help you access liquidity, raise capital, or reallocate and diversify your portfolio. Plus, what you might pay in interest on an art-related loan is generally less than the fees for an unsecured loan.

Key Art Lending Services

  • Convert a static asset into one of economic value
  • Receive objective appraisals through third-party appraisers
  • Maintain possession of pledged artwork
  • Engage our dedicated team of fine art credit executives

Consignment Services

Arrange for the sale of art and collectibles through our partnerships with auction houses

Whether a collector, heir, or institution prefers to sell one work or an entire collection, Bank of America Private Bank can assist in arranging consignment agreements with auction houses, making our pre-negotiated terms available to you and streamlining the overall process.





Key Art Consignment Services

  • Optimize the sale of your property at auction via a preferred selling channel with the leading international auction houses
  • Save time and money with our streamlined process and preferred pricing structure on seller’s commissions and fees
  • Receive sales strategy and independent advice from industry experts throughout the complex auction process
  • Generate liquidity to acquire more art or to raise capital for other opportunities

Art Planning

Incorporate art and collectibles into your overall estate and financial strategy according to your unique needs

Art can create estate planning and legacy opportunities—as well as challenges—that are important to consider. We help you think of your collection as part of your legacy through trust, estate and philanthropic planning, with the goal of maximizing your—and your art's—appreciation.

Key Art Planning Services

  • Obtain guidance on managing your collection as part of your financial assets
  • Establish your legacy through trust, estate and philanthropic planning with our dedicated wealth strategists
  • Prepare for the transition of your collection

Philanthropic Solutions

Utilize our tailored consulting and investment management services for museums, foundations and institutions

Arts organizations and private and artist-endowed foundations which support the arts are often challenged with managing many aspects of their businesses, from investing philanthropic capital, to determining effective grantmaking strategies and other governance best practices. Bank of America Private Bank delivers long-term, strategic planning and solutions to support arts institutions in carrying out their missions.

Key Nonprofit Services

  • Consult on governance, development strategies and board relationships
  • Employ our complete outsourced investment function and endowment management services
  • Embrace our broad spectrum of lending and planning solutions

Contact Us

Get in touch with our expert for all your art-related needs.

Contact Us

Get in touch with our expert for all your art-related needs.

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Contact Us

Get in touch with our expert for all your art-related needs.

Drew Watson

Head of Art Services <br>Bank of America Private Bank

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