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Consignment Services

Using our Art Services team to manage the sale of your collection, saving you time and money

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What is Consignment Services

Whether you wish to sell individual works of art or an entire collection, selling at auction is often a time consuming, and expensive process. Through Consignment Services an Art Specialist can work with you on the end-to-end selling process with auction houses, bringing transparency to the auction process while helping you save time and money.

Reasons for wanting to sell your art or collectibles

You may wish to sell property at auction for any number of reasons. Perhaps you:

  • Inherited art or collectibles as part of an estate settlement
  • Wish to explore an exciting new direction for your collection
  • Must sell to resolve a personal or family situation
  • Aim to unlock the liquidity in your collection for other opportunities
  • Plan to downsize or relocate, and your collection no longer fits your space

How we can help you

  • Plan for thoughtful and competitive sales strategy
  • Negotiate Seller’s Agreement and financial terms
  • Reduce/eliminate seller’s commission and fees
  • Secure robust marketing and PR package
  • Manage the end-to-end sale process

What we can consign

  • Fine art, including paintings, works on paper, photographs and sculpture
  • Collectibles, including classic cars, watches, jewelry, fine wine, handbags, furniture and more

Our partners

You can sell at auction or through a private sale with our auction house partners

  • Christie’s
  • Sotheby’s
  • Bonham’s
  • Heritage

Contact your advisor to learn more about Consignment Services or other Art Services capabilities.

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