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Specialized Foundation Services

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Administering a foundation and related grants program requires experience, expertise and specialization.

Our approach

Foundations are governed by complex rules and regulations. This is why at Bank of America Private Bank we don’t just manage foundation assets – our foundation specialists also provide the monitoring, education and fiduciary guidance to help you manage legal risk and adhere to best practices. We will work with you to ensure that you are meeting the foundation’s annual distribution requirements, avoiding improper grant distributions or use of foundation assets, and codifying the foundation’s mission, guidelines and best practices into written governance policies.

Additionally, we recognize that effective grants management and administration are critical components of a successful grant program. We can provide a range of grants management services to our foundation clients, including the verification of the tax-exempt status of grant recipients, confirmation that organizations are not flagged on specific watch lists, maintenance of clean and current records of these verifications and the preparation of transmittal letters and/or post-grant activity reports, as requested. 



Governance Review

Understanding the foundation’s governing documents, trustee or director roles and responsibilities, and any additional parameters concerning grantmaking, succession or compensation.

Grants Management and Administration

Ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the processing of grant payments, including the verification of tax-exempt status of grantees.

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