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Credit for Individuals & Families

Custom Lending and Credit Solutions for Short-Term Liquidity Needs and Long-Term Financial Goals

A complete picture of your wealth includes the borrowing power of your assets.

Our Approach

Strategic borrowing and thoughtful use of credit can help you increase the power of your wealth to pursue your goals. We offer customized lending and credit strategies tailored to your needs, whether you’re looking for greater liquidity, funding for an investment opportunity or a lifestyle purchase, support for your estate planning objectives or help meeting other goals. 

Together, your client team and credit executive will work with you and your independent advisors to consider your time frame, assets and overall goals to create individualized strategies that align with your priorities.


Customized Lending

Flexible financing options can help you use existing assets as collateral to finance the purchase of specialized assets such as yachts, aircraft, commercial real estate or fine art.


Private Client Line

A flexible demand line of credit, secured by your marketable securities accounts, can help meet liquidity needs while maintaining your cash reserves and investment strategy.

Custom Residential Real Estate

Specialists who understand substantial residential real estate transactions and personalized loan structures will help find effective borrowing solutions to meet your needs.

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