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Capabilities and Expertise to Help You Build and Grow Your Business

Thoughtful management can help your business thrive right along with your personal life. 

Our Approach

As a business owner, you make daily decisions that affect the growth and development of your company and your employees, while also balancing your commitments to family and other personal interests. We can help you manage the connections, opportunities and challenges of these intertwined priorities, taking into account your goals and plans for business growth and personal success.

That’s the advantage of an integrated relationship with U.S. Trust and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Your personal advisor and dedicated commercial relationship manager, in coordination with your other advisors, will work to understand the wide range of your objectives and find efficient growth strategies to pursue them. 

Click here to hear from one of our clients and how we helped them grow their business:

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Katherine Lockhart – Simply Southern started selling t-shirts and have expanded into an array of products.  The colors are just vibrant. 

James T. Walsh – Simply Southern is the pride of our local community here.  To have the opportunity to serve Simply Southern is really a privilege of ours.

Katherine Lockhart – There is so much inspiration that comes from hearing Ginger’s story, and I could hear it 100 times and be energized every time.

Ginger Aydogdu: When we first started, we basically were only making t-shirts. 

Ginger Aydogdu: And the first day, we actually only made $30, and I thought, oh my gosh, we’re never going to be able to survive on $30.  And then the next day we did $40.  And then by the weekend, on Friday night, we actually did $300, and I thought, oh my gosh, we actually might make it and actually make rent.

Ginger Aydogdu: My first production facility, it was very, very small.  We had one manual machine, I didn’t have enough employees, it was very scary.  And wondering, you know, are we going to be able to survive?

Ginger Aydogdu: It was a lot of hard work and determination, and it just all of a sudden finally paid off.  And retailers started to see that, oh yeah, this is a product that we can sell, and we can sell a lot of.

Katherine Lockhart – Bank of America Merrill Lynch came into Ginger’s life at a time when her company was experiencing tremendous growth.  We discussed how we can help her with her payables and receivables, with financing buildings, with expanding.  The company was doing very well and needed additional capabilities, not just for her business needs, but also on the personal side.

Ginger Aydogdu - U.S. Trust came in and laid it out there for me and said, you need to start thinking about yourself a little bit, and the future of you, and your family.  My goal and my family’s goal is to always give back.

James T. Walsh – Ginger, by nature, is a very philanthropic person.  With business owners, so much of their concentration is in one area: their business.  And we come in and share with them a strategy around being able to diversify and to be able to use that strategy, to help not only this generation, but the following generations to come as well.

We’ve just started in this aspiration of working with children, but we want to do more.  We want the company to grow, we want to grow in the things that we’re doing with all the children.  The next generation is our legacy.


Expansion Financing

If you are looking to expand, Bank of America Merrill Lynch offers complete financing guidance, solutions and support, tailored to your unique strategic and operating needs.

Employee Benefits

To help you attract and retain top talent, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Retirement Services can provide services such as banking, retirement planning (including defined-benefit and 401(k) plans) and health care accounts.

Liquidity Management

Strong cash flow and efficient operations are critical to your business. Bank of America Merrill Lynch offers solutions that help you accelerate collections, manage payables and put excess liquidity to work.

Risk Management

Across our enterprise, we can help you create a comprehensive and disciplined approach to managing financial, market and operational risk, so you can help protect your business now and in the future.

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