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A Strategic Partnership for Individuals & Families

Bank of America Private Bank can help you advise your clients across the many aspects of their wealth, today and for future generations. When you work with Bank of America, you benefit from our experience serving many types of clients, from families managing wealth across multiple generations to business owners, entrepreneurs and other creators of first generation wealth. You build strong, lasting relationships with your clients based on your insightful advice, attentive service, personal approach - and by expertly accommodating your clients' expanding needs.

Serving as Executor or Trustee

As one of the nation's largest trustees for individuals, families and private foundations, Bank of America Private Bank has expertise across the range of trust and wealth transfer solutions. We have a nation-wide team of seasoned professionals across key areas of trusts and wealth transfer. From basic trust structures to innovative wealth strategies,  Bank of America Private Bank offers access to a spectrum of wealth management solutions to help meet your client's individual, family and charitable objectives. Trust Officers are equipped to handle responsibilities associated with administering your client's trust and carrying out your client's instructions. Bank of America Private Bank provides effective wealth transfer strategies and professional management of both your client's financial and non-financial assets.

Serving as Agent for Trustee

While being named as trustee is an honor, it is also a complex and demanding responsibility for your clients. When appointed to serve as agent for trustee,  Bank of America Private Bank can help simplify a client's role as trustee and help fulfill the numerous administrative requirements of a trust. We can provide expertise, guidance and resources in the areas a client specifies, while the client retains overall responsibility for the trust.

Collaborating with Bank of America Private Bank to serve your clients

One way to increase the scope of your practice and deepen the value of your client relationships is to engage a strategic partner that is focused on supporting and extending your capabilities. We help clients and their families:

  • Address their credit and banking needs with sophisticated and customized solutions
  • Design and implement tailored strategies to help protect, preserve and optimize their legacies
  • Identify opportunities and assess risk through comprehensive investment management
  • Manage their nonfinancial assets through our Specialty Asset Management team
  • Administer their trusts and estates, including acting as agent for trustee or executor

Serving a Diverse Range of Clients and Their Families with a Variety of Needs and Goals

Bank of America Private Bank professionals are committed to, and have experience and expertise in, serving diverse client needs with the appropriate level of focus and sensitivity. Areas of focus include: Women; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) domestic partners; next generation clients through Financial Empowerment and ElderCare Planning.








Resources for Attorneys and Tax Advisors

Bank of America Private Bank expertise in the wealth structuring arena is exemplified by Practical Drafting®, a trust and estate planning publication now in its 38th year. 1 Attorneys and other advisors in the field nationwide rely on this resource to stay informed on legal, tax and regulatory changes.


Attorneys and tax advisors have also come to Bank of America Private Bank's  rely on annual Tax Guide for over 30 years. The guide is a convenient reference tool that summarizes income, gift and estate taxes in all 50 states.

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