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Serving our Clients Together

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Servicing our Clients Together

Ann Limberg:
It's been such an exciting time for our business.

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Ann Limberg
Head of Philanthropic & Family Office Solutions

Ann Limberg:
There is so much happening in the philanthropic space and we've been working with so many great new clients both individuals and families and institutions.

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Karen Reynolds Sharkey
National Business Owner Strategy Executive

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Evan Beard
Art Services Executive

Ann Limberg:
I mean, so much wealth that's been created and now they're looking to really put that wealth to work. I mean you're seeing that every day in the work you do with business owners, right Karen?

Karen Reynolds Sharkey:
Yeah, we're working with a lot of business owners really thinking about how they give within the company back to the communities where they reside, but also what do they want to do personally with their legacy with their family and thinking through that and really thinking through with their children what is that next chapter? It's a very exciting time, but you're also seeing that with a lot of our art collectors, Evan.

Evan Beard:
Yeah, look, this day and age the art collectors are at an intersection of both your philanthropic universe as well as so many of them are business owners, they're unlocking capital to do some strategic gifting, but at the core so many of our clients are really legacy minded.

Ann Limberg:
They're focused on stewardship, right? They want to make sure that they're good stewards of this wealth and that their children, the next generation, are in a great position to be stewards.

Evan Beard:
No, it's so true and so many of them, we're working with them on forming the family foundation and putting that art strategy in place, where the art collection will go, will it go to auction, will it be bequested to a museum, maybe transitioned to the next generation. Legacy really is a key issue.

Ann Limberg:
And we see that next generation sitting on boards all over the place and so decision making is really changing. We're in a perfect position today I think to help advise those boards on their governance and think about how they tell their story in a fresh and a modern way. We're seeing women change that game everywhere.

Karen Reynolds Sharkey:
We're seeing a lot of that with women business owners whether they are starting their companies or if they've been managing it for 20 years really thinking about how they're going to give but also, they're thinking about their family and do they want to keep that business in the family or do they want to think about potentially selling it to a third party, and what does that mean? We help a lot with business owners in the years leading up to a transition how they can help plan for the family and the business because our business owners think of their family and their company as one and we come to them as one also, as a team. So, it's an exciting time to be working with our clients across all three of our areas.

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Our leaders for our Philanthropy, Business Owner and Art Services capabilities came together to discuss how we work across segments to bring the best of Bank of America to our clients and the communities where we work.

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