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The promising power of green hydrogen

A photo collage of solar panels, wind turbines and shipping containers.

It almost sounds too good to be true: a virtually unlimited energy source that can be used for everything from heating our homes and fueling our cars to multiple industrial uses, leaving just water and heat as byproducts.  But that is precisely the promise of “green” hydrogen, which uses other renewables, like solar and wind, to produce it—and the coming decades could see a dramatic rise in its adoption.


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The Promising Power of Green Hydrogen

In this episode of the Perspectives podcast, our hosts, Candace Browning, Chris Hyzy and Joon-Ho Lee explore how advances in technology, falling prices and an urgent need to lower the planet’s carbon emissions are converging to realize the vision of green hydrogen—which could potentially supply a quarter of the world’s energy needs by 2050 and cut global emissions by 30%.1

They look at how bold government initiatives, such as the new European Green Deal, are helping create the demand and infrastructure for a future hydrogen economy, and discuss the current roadblocks.  And they point to ways that governments, the private sector and investors can all work together to achieve a cleaner, smarter and more efficient global energy system.


Candace Browning

Headshot of Candace Browning

Head of BofA
Global Research


Joon-Ho Lee

Headshot of Joon-Ho Lee

Director in
Equity Research for
BofA Global Research


Christopher M. Hyzy

Headshot of Christopher M. Hyzy

Chief Investment Officer
Merrill and Bank of America
Private Bank

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