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Life after the coronavirus

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“In 2022 we will live in quite a different world. Whatever we thought was going to happen five to 10 years from now probably is going to happen much faster,” says Haim Israel, Head of Thematic Investing for BofA Global Research. What might life look like two to five years into the future?

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Life After the Coronavirus

On this episode of the Perspectives podcast, Israel and co-hosts Candace Browning and Chris Hyzy discuss the many ways our world could be changed in the wake of the coronavirus. These include an expanded role for government, a completely revamped global healthcare system and an infusion of technology in just about every industry and every area of our lives—something Hyzy refers to as “e-everything.”

Other areas they’re watching are shifts that were already underway but are now being placed on “fast-track” —including the rise in deglobalization and the race for tech supremacy between the U.S. and China. The conversation also offers insights on emerging investment opportunities and why now is the time for investors to begin preparing for the changes ahead.


Candace Browning

Headshot of Candace Browning

Head of BofA
Global Research



Haim Israel

Headshot of Michael Hartnett

Head of Thematic
Investing, BofA
Global Research


Christopher M. Hyzy

Headshot of Christopher M. Hyzy

Chief Investment Officer
Merrill and Bank of America
Private Bank


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