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An introduction to Credit & Banking Fundamentals

Watch a conversation from our Financial Empowerment series, exploring credit and banking fundamentals.

At Bank of America Private Bank we provide financial education programing to our clients to ensure the entire family feels financially literate and empowered to make good financial decisions. We’re thrilled to kick off part of our Financial Educational Video Series on Banking and Credit Fundamentals. In this session our panel will discuss:

  • Checking account vs. savings account
  • Budgeting and digital tools
  • Importance of starting early

Watch now to hear our colleagues provide some key lessons and learnings for those teachable moments and impactful experiences.


Moderated by:

Jennifer Winstel Headshot

Jennifer Winstel
Private Client Advisor
Bank of America Private Bank


Jennifer Williams headshot

Jennifer Williams
Senior Trust Officer
Bank of America Private Bank

Hasan Oberoi Headshot

Hasan Oberoi
Neighborhood and Community
Lending Performance Executive
Bank of America

Financial Education is a multi-purpose program, not a one and done. It’s about continued learning. The sooner you start planning and learning, the better. We are here to help.

To get started, contact your advisor or one of our teammates for additional information, and check out the variety of topics in our Financial Empowerment Program to continue to drive your financial education.

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