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Capital Gains Dilemma

Why Investors Should Start Thinking Strategically About Capital Gains and Taxes

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The current bull market, almost a decade long, has left many investors with appreciated assets in their portfolios. While clearly a benefit, this can also have a downside: Investors may be averse to selling stock because they do not want to trigger taxes on capital gains, or the profits from a sale. Yet, by not selling, and basically “kicking the proverbial tax can down the road,” investors may limit their ability to rebalance a portfolio in a timely manner, setting the scene for a rise in the level of risk they face.

There is an important question here: What might prompt the reluctant seller and the proverbial can-kicker to view taxes in a different light, so that they can sell when appropriate and rebalance a portfolio in a prudent manner? The Capital Gains Dilemma provides you with some compelling points to consider. 

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